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intersectsMesh keeps resulting in true


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I'm making a game where there's a single sphere in the middle of the screen and random spheres move in and out and you have to press a key when a sphere intersects the sphere in the middle. If you press it at the right time the score should increase. I have it working with one but once I tried to implement it with multiple spheres the score started to increase whenever you pressed key even if the spheres aren't intersecting. Here's my code:

var scene = RhythmGame.scene;
var stillMesh = scene.getMeshByID("SphereStill");
var sphere1 = scene.getMeshByID("Sphere1");
var sphere2 = scene.getMeshByID("Sphere2");
var sphere3 = scene.getMeshByID("Sphere3");
var sphere4 = scene.getMeshByID("Sphere4");
var sphereArray = [sphere1, sphere2, sphere3, sphere4]
var tunnelMesh = scene.getMeshByID("tunnel");

    scene.beginAnimation(sphereArray[Math.floor(Math.random() * (3 - 0 + 1)) + 0], 0, 100, true);
}, 1500);



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I have an issue with Object to Object Collisions as well...  Hmm..


Although my code, I think detects a collision and then re-detects the collision..  

Actually I think I should be using this : 

I'll have to go away and give it a go.

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Found a link which seems to resolve my issue
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