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Color problem with sprites?


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Hello everybody! I stumbled upon a problem while making an incremental test game and was hoping you guys could help me.

I was following this tutorial which uses rects for the upgrade backdrop and buttons. As i want to mess with the aesthetics I figured they would better be sprites. As i'm just testing for now (a friend of mine that will do the arts), i put over a placeholder sprite just to get it going. I did it on the same colors i used on the background (#) and text (#), but as they render on the canvas, its clearly another color, which is weird because opening the files on photoshop and checking the colors are the right ones. Is there any config i need to change so they render properly?

The link i'm using to test is this. If you guys need any additional info i'll be watching the thread, but thanks in advance! (:


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Added an image of how it appears on my screen, just in case.
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