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MarbleProceduralTexture marbleClolor not defined


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I miss a declaration and implementation of the property "marbleClolor" in 3..0-alpha, but the shader expects an uniform variable.

In old soures this property  was defined, is it obsolete now? But nevertheless, there is an iconsistency between shader and js/ts


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Hmm, problems here:

1) where to find previous releases (not babylon, but procedural_textures)?

2) as I can see on my old private sources, "marbleColor" was never used, it's only declared on the fragment shader. The color for the marble is coming from the shader itself (a synthetic generated blackwhite-color). One way to input a user color would be to mix the generated color with the user-color, which results in an output-contrast of  50% if the variable is not specified, which would not be fine.

So my suggestion conclusion is NOT to modify the shader, because of side effects. The user can still mix color via diffuse/emissiveColor etc.  I also would suggest to leave the variable in the fragment shader for the case someone has an innovative idea to upgrade this shader. "Never touch a running System" :)

If you agree, we can then set this bug-report to solved, sorry for my hasty thread :(

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