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[solved] Unity exporter exports "empty" bones as meshes


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I had a issue with the "old" unity exporter,
and as it has been deprecated, i didn't want to much about it and simply thought i'd leave a topic if others encounter the same issue.

it seems to export bones as empty meshes ( it also exported them as bones, so they were exported twice).

the bones don't have any animations, they are only used for rigging.

i made a quick-fix locally, as i don't have any "empty" mehses in my files, i just commented out the empty object export and it now works as intended.

// Inside SceneBuilder.cs
        public void ConvertFromUnity()
            // ....

            // Inside foreach loop

                // Camera
                var camera = gameObject.GetComponent<Camera>();
                if (camera != null)
                    ConvertUnityCameraToBabylon(camera, progress);
                    ConvertUnitySkyboxToBabylon(camera, progress);

                // Empty
-                ConvertUnityEmptyObjectToBabylon(gameObject);
+                //ConvertUnityEmptyObjectToBabylon(gameObject);
            } // End of foreach loop

Sorry I can't share an example as all my unity files are licensed.

i don't know if the issue exists on the new exporter / tool-kit.


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