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IE zOffset / polygonOffset issue


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It seems that IE doesn't reset the polygon offset correctly. I created a playground to demonstrate the issue:
The red plane in the PG has a zOffset. For some reason the offset is also applied to the knot under IE (see attached images).

I was able to workaround this issue by modifying this code:
I added "gl.polygonOffset(0, 0);" before "gl.disable(gl.POLYGON_OFFSET_FILL);" like this:

// zOffset
if (this._isZOffsetDirty) {
	if (this.zOffset) {
		gl.polygonOffset(this.zOffset, 0);
	else {
		gl.polygonOffset(0, 0);
	this._isZOffsetDirty = false;

How should we fix that issue? Is there a better place to add this workaround?
I'm not sure if its a general IE bug. I tested it only on two systems.



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