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I am sorry if I post in the wrong place, it just seems I miss some very important step. I am new to Phaser. I followed all the required steps:

- setup a server

- downloaded the phaser soft

Now, I just don't get how do I ... 'activate' it, so to say. 

How do I USE the Phaser folder that I have unziped? Is it just a sort of a big library like p5.js?

Thank you in advance!

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I don't know what p5.js (did you mean P2? which is included with Phaser) is but Phaser is indeed a big library (actually, its a collection of lots of small libraries and some bindings to hold it all together). The easiest way to use it is to include the main script file using a script tag, this will place a global variable called `Phaser` on to the window, now include another script tag with your code and you can use the Phaser object from global (there is a nice colourful console log when Phaser bootstraps you can look for). This is a normal loading pattern for JS libraries/frameworks.

You can also include Phaser from a CDN, like `<script src=''></script>`.

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