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Not possible to change cursor through DisplayObject.cursor?


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Hey all! I've been looking around for quite a while now... I am trying to be helpful with a project with some minor issues, and that project includes the new world of Pixi (fantastic stuff I must say!).

Now to the problem: We need an "ew-resize"-cursor, and it worked with defaultCursor before, but since that's now deprecated it seems impossible to make it work??? Only the default or pointer cursor is possible...


If I don't make any sense, please do tell me. And if I make some sense, help would be much appreciated!


this.interactive = true;
this.cursor = "ew-resize"; // Does not work!!!


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You can add the cursor to the InteractionManager's cursorStyles dictionary like this:

app.renderer.plugins.interaction.cursorStyles["ew-resize"] = "ew-resize";
this.interactive = true;
this.cursor = "ew-resize"; // Works now!


Here's a working Code Pen that sets the sprite's cursor to "ew-resize":


Disclaimer: I got this approach from reading the source and docs for InteractionManager and trying it out in the Code Pen. So it may not be the official/best way to do it. And I only tested for the latest Pixi version 4.5.0

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