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Need help with audio volume for preloaded audios


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So, I'm having problems figuring this out.

I was able to control audio volume for audios that I load once the game itself is running, but I don't know how to do it for audios that I load on the preload stage.

For the ones I have working I do something like this, where "audio" is a global variable.

audio = new Audio('assets/ogg/nagg/audio.ogg');
audio.volume = overallVolume;

And a function triggered by buttons with stuff like:

audio.volume += 0.1;
overallVolume = audio.volume;

Now for the audios I "preload" I play them this way, and don't know how would I tweak its volume


game.load.audio('wheel', ['assets/ogg/wheel.ogg']);

and to play the sound:

game.sound.play('wheel', 0.4);

So question is, how should I play the preload audios to be able to control the volumes on them?

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I feel silly, sometimes when you end the post you realize the answer is right in front, I did

sound=game.sound.play('wheel', 0.4);

And then changed the sound volume as I was doing with audio.
Leave it here in case someone has similar problems ;)

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