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(Paid) Looking for JavaScript Senior Developer

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Hello, my name is Jack. I represent SymmetryGames as the lead 3D Artist, founder, and co-director of our current and very first game being developed as a studio. Currently, our studio is looking for a senior Javascript programmer. The following will describe more details about our studio, the game and the position we are hoping to fill. 

Game Info:
Title: Z-Warz
Genre: Zombie Survival
Play Style: Top-Down Shooter
Platform: Web-based browser MMO
Graphics Style: 3D, Semi-realistic/cartoonish blend
Game Engine: PlayCanvas, 3D Javascript Game Engine. (experience with this engine is not required)
Server: Will be hosted on AWS

Game Basic Description: 
A 3D IO game redesigned for zombie survival. Players get spawned in at random locations and must shoot zombies and build bases to survive. In this game, players will want to work together to survive rather than kill each other like most IO games, giving a fresh new look to standard IO games. With different classes, weapons, and buildable items, this creates a diverse game system with a lot of variation. Players will want to form teams, people of different classes and roles will work together, players will build bases and protect each other from hordes of different types of zombies. There are three Game Modes: Independent, Team, and Survival.

Game Development Schedule:
Currently, our studio is developing the prototype for Z-Warz. After we complete our prototype of the game, we will work for 1-4 weeks on our Kickstarter video and other Kickstarter related topics. After that is complete, we will launch our Kickstarter Campaign for $38,000 U.S. Dollars, however, some calculations are still being made so that number may fluctuate. After our Kickstarter campaign has finished, we will begin the first week of development by establishing payment systems for employees, purchasing the needed software, and preparing other important assets. After the first week, we will have 12 weeks exactly to develop the full Z-Warz game. An additional 1-2 months after development will be used for beta testing/corrections and marketing. After our games initial release, all employees will receive 2-3% of the game's ad based revenue for the first initial 2-3 months.  

About the job:
Currently, we are looking specifically for a Javascript Programmer. If you happen to have experience with the PlayCanvas Engine, that will be noted. We are looking for someone who specifically finds an interest in developing games similar to ours. The programmer should have a strong understanding of the Javascript fundamentals. Alongside our other developer, you would work to develop player movement, character AI, combat systems, a building system, a player class system, and more. The PlayCanvas game engine handles most of the rendering systems. The Javascript programmer will be expected to work roughly 15-20 hours per week during the 12 weeks of development. Aside from royalties, this job pays an hourly wage of 20 USD. Please understand that as an Indie Startup studio, we are unable to pay large amounts per person. If you choose to help work with us on our prototype before the Kickstarter/official development phase, please note we will not be able to pay at that time, however, higher amounts royalties will be offered to those interested.

To apply for the position as Senior Javascript Programmer, please email me directly here: [email protected]
Please provide some basic information about yourself, as well as any work you have done in Javascript that you feel expresses your talent as a programmer.

This job posting has been made short and to the point. If we missed any big questions, please feel free to ask anything in your application for this job, or below in the comments.

Thank you for your time, - Jack (SymmetryGames Founder and Lead 3D Artist)

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