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placing the pin image on my building


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hi guys in abow image i am palcing the name of the building when i drag also it will come along with the building because i am drawing it on top of building by using me.font

like this i wana add pin image to my building and it should stick to my building while dragging also ,i tried creating sprite image and adding it to world but it wont stick to my building can someone help me with this .. i am thinking to do as shown in the below image

590ed82fc0ab8_imageonbuilding.png.5addd68f7bd6e9521c929c46806ffc0c.pnglike this

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You can actually use a me.Container for the renderable instead of me.Sprite, then add the me.Sprite and the font object as children of the container. All children are positioned relative to the parent, so dragging the parent will do what you want without any extra work.

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