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Firefox/Safari blurry Sprites


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Your sprites look ok on my mac mini,  so I am guessing the issue is related to retina display.

Here's a good article on the topic:



Forget the first part of what I said,  I can see the issue now on my mac mini.  The text especially is a bit rocky. 

It's still related to the hidpi and how it's handled by the browsers.

Phaser hooks into Pixi .. so you may have to google "Pixi blurred retina"




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correction of my observations
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I am facing the same issue with a game currently.
I tried to call in sequence


I've called "stopFullScreen" with around 50ms delay.  The hack seems to work for me.

1 more suggestion if you are providing x,y coordinates using some algorithm try to keep them in integer values and not as decimal values.


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