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Replicating MapBox camera


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Has anyone ever re-created a MapBox (or other mapping api) camera in Babylon.js?  

I've found a project in Three.js that recreates the MapBox camera by updating the camera projection matrix and world matrix: https://github.com/peterqliu/threebox/blob/master/src/Camera/CameraSync.js

There is this kind of code that access the camera world matrix but I'm not sure how to do that in Babylon.js:

this.camera.projectionMatrix = utils.makePerspectiveMatrix(fov, this.map.transform.width / this.map.transform.height, 1, farZ);

        var cameraWorldMatrix = new THREE.Matrix4();
        var cameraTranslateZ = new THREE.Matrix4().makeTranslation(0,0,cameraToCenterDistance);
        var cameraRotateX = new THREE.Matrix4().makeRotationX(this.map.transform._pitch);
        var cameraRotateZ = new THREE.Matrix4().makeRotationZ(this.map.transform.angle);

        // Unlike the Mapbox GL JS camera, separate camera translation and rotation out into its world matrix
        // If this is applied directly to the projection matrix, it will work OK but break raycasting



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In particular, I'm trying to find out the Babylon.js equivalent of these methods/properties:

this.camera.matrixAutoUpdate = false;   // We're in charge of the camera now!

this.world.matrixAutoUpdate = false;

this.camera.projectionMatrix = projMatrix;

this.camera.matrixWorld = cameraWorldMatrix;

this.world.matrix = worldMatrix;


this.world is a group of meshes and can be transformed so it applies those transformations to all child meshes as a whole,  so I'd say its the same as a node which is used as a parent of multiple meshes

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On 2017-5-30 at 1:41 AM, Deltakosh said:


you can override camera.getViewMatrix and camera.getProjectionMatrix to do it manually 

Thanks for the tip!  Also, I'm wondering if its possible to do a smooth transition between a perspective camera and ortho camera

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