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1 sprite 2 bodies (Hiboxes)


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Hey guys, i'm trying to implement hitboxes with p2 physics.

I all ready have a solution, but i find it kind of awkward.


What i want to do is create a sprite, and attach multiple p2 bodies to it,

the main body is the players hitbox which is just a normal polygon body.

the other bodies are all set up as sensors so the don't mess with physics but still trigger the collide.

I tried adding multiple sprites as childs with their own bodies, but that wont work.


Has anyone done this before, or do i have to digg in deep?




ps: my current solution is creating sprites that are not linked together in any way, and than moving them all to the players position. laggy as hell

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found a solution :)


player being the player sprite

hitbox being the hitbox sprite

hitbox.body.mass 0.00001;
game.physics.p2.createLockConstraint(, hitbox, [0, 0], 0, 9999);


i have some stuff set by default to all objects, so you might have to fiddle a bit to get it work.

but this is way more fluid then the tracking method 



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