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Would Phaser be the best option for HTML5 canvas games?


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I'm seriously considering Phaser to develop my next games. I have quite a lot of questions, I hope it's fine.

I'd like to build videoslots games for HTML5 Canvas.


My target is both desktop and mobile browsers.

Assuming the design is not a problem, from a programming point of view, is it possible to reach the quality seen in the example with Phaser?

Could such a game developed with Phaser possibly run at 60 fps on relatively old mobile devices? (e.g. iphone 5)

If so, would it require me to do a lot of manual optimization, or does Phaser take care of the optimization part?

How's the TypeScript support?

Is there a Layouts solution to help fit elements nicely in multiple resolutions?

How does Phaser compare to other javascript canvas frameworks like Cocos2d? I've seen a few topics and opinions around but it'd be great to have an up-to-date answer.


Are there frameworks that are better suited to my needs?

Are there any other things I should know about Phaser given what I'd like to achieve? Anything I need to take into consideration? Any catches?

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That's a very good point. Out of curiosity, how could you tell this game uses Pixi? I wasn't able to find it in their source code or any of the loaded js files.

Don't Phaser's extra features come at the cost of performance?

Also I think that Phaser is no longer based on pixi, is it?



After reading some more on the subject, it's pretty much become Phaser 3 vs Pixi 4 for me. How long roughly before Phaser 3 is ready for production?

To create a VideoSlots game I don't really need most of Phaser's features (e.g. physics, particles, tilemaps, camera...) - although I understand it has a plugins system so I don't have to load any heavy feature that I don't need.


I am very interested to see a comparison of:

1) Which one is more lightweight?

2) Which one has better performance?

3) Which one is better suited for mobile browsers?

4) Which one provides better TypeScript development?

5) On Slant people complained about Phaser having a poor code structure:


I really like Pixi's simplicity and the fact that it resembles ActionScript (I'm an ex ActionScript programmer), yet Phaser seems like it could take some time getting used to as it forces you to use a certain structure:


Any thoughts on the structures of both frameworks?

6) Does either of the frameworks officially support Layouts? Otherwise - how do you solve dynamically fitting multiple resolutions in your projects?

7) TextureAtlas - I think both support TexturePacker which is a great software. How would you compare the implementations?

8) SpriteSheet Animation

9) BitmapFont

10) Anything else I might be missing if I choose Pixi over Phaser?

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