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Skeleton parenting relationship


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Ok school has been finished for a couple of weeks now and I have time to start playing with Babylon js. I was a hobbyist learning blender for about 6 years before going back to school for IT - not animation. I have a really good understanding of blender and have the knowledge of a 3D generalist.

I have a mechanical model rigged and working in blender. I have attempted many exports with the babylonjs exporter and have had varying degrees of success. It seems like BJS can only recognize a parenting relation so deep - that after a certain hierarchy it loses track of the relationships - which doesn't make any sense to me atm. 

The rig is rather complicated and has many bones (288). I read somewhere on these forums that a rig should not have more then 40 bone but many rigs can be used in a scene.

I started to break up my rig into multiple smaller rigs - everything still works in blender 

So to my question..........

skeleton A:   skeleton[0]. _range property has a value. I can console.log the ranges, as well as see them in both the babylon.log file and in the .babylon file, so the exporter is working as expected 

skeleton B: skeleton[1]. _range property has a value. I can console.log the ranges, as well as see them in both the babylon.log file and in the .babylon file, so the exporter is working as expected 


skeleton A:   var Top_Down = newScene.beginAnimation(getArm2, 220, 282, true);  starts the animation and works as expected 

skeleton B: var Claw_Open = newScene.beginAnimation(getArm, 0, 62, true);  starts the animation and works as expected 


So both animations on the two different skeletons work, here's the kicker, skeleton B is parented to skeleton A, but doesn't follow the parent. When skeleton A rotates in world space, skeleton B is supposed to inherit the rotation in world space, but doesn't.

 I can see that the babylon exporter respects some parenting relationships (mesh parented to armature) but it seems like the babylon exporter can't / doesn't recognize one armature parented to another.

blender allows me to parent an armature to a second.........I can parent to the object datablock, armature datablock or a specific bone. The exporter doesn't seem to recognize any option.

I have also tried using a child of constraint - skeleton B is a child of skeleton A - to no success.


At the risk of sounding like a braggart, I know how to use blender and it is not my lack of understanding in that area, so am I asking something from the exporter that it isn't currently able to do?


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