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Does version 2.5 get any bug fixes? Should I just use 3.0?


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I'm getting my grips with Babylon.JS using Julian's "Learning Babylon.JS" book which recently was updated for v2.5. Since it is the stable version I figured I'd use just that.

While experimenting around, I stumbled into this bug: 

...that was fixed in April 4 but I see that only v3 gets the fix (I'm using the cdn v2.5 right now and it doesn't have the fix). Is v3 mostly (or fully?) backwards compatible? Are recent fixes meant to be backported to 2.x branch? Or should I treat 2.x branch as frozen?

I'm asking because I don't know how the project is meant to be maintained and what I should be using.


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Our current strategy is to fix bugs on the new version, we're not maintaining previous stable versions so far. 

We try to maintain as much as possible backward compatibilities, it's very rare to have breaking changes and it's always a decision we're taking as the whole babylon.js core team and we're sharing it on the forum to have feedback from our community also.

In a nutshell, I would start directly on v3 if I were you. ;)

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