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CubeCamera in Babylon


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I'm trying to recreate this panoramic code (https://github.com/spite/THREE.CubemapToEquirectangular/blob/master/src/CubemapToEquirectangular.js) from Three.js into Babylon.js.

Most stuff here it looks like I can replicate, like ShaderMaterial for instance. The thing I however can't wrap my head around fully is how to get the CubeCamera from Three.js to work in Babylon.js. 

According to the documentation (https://threejs.org/docs/#api/cameras/CubeCamera) it seems to create 6 cameras and put them in a cube map:


I'm not fully sure how to best do the same thing in Babylon.js. The idea I guess is to have 6 cameras from the same point that each capture the same square, then place all of them on one texture. However I want to do this rendering each frame so I guess that's not really viable to do. Another idea I have is to use 2 canvases where one uses 6 mulitviews (https://doc.babylonjs.com/tutorials/how_to_use_multi-views) and the other canvas takes that image as a texture. 

Does anyone have a better idea, or know if my idea sounds unviable? Having 6 cameras run at the same time sounds potentially like a bad idea for me. If nothing else I can give it a try, but it's a lot of testing work I could avoid in case someone else have more insight than me on the subject. 

I really like Babylon.js and I hope I can solve this without Three.js :)

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