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Highres timestamp for runRenderLoop


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The regular requestAnimationFrame function is sent in a high res timestamp as an argument by the browser so that we can accurately calculate the interval between frames. This value is needed for doing fluid animations, accurate physics etc. that are not tied to a framerate. I assume that babylon renderloop uses requestAnimationFrame; is there a particular reason why this value is not exposed to the user? Is there another way / convention of getting it?

Also, would it be unwise to use requestAnimationFrame directly to render our scenes bypassing the render loop of babylon? Would this have any unintended consequences?

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Thank you David, should I open an issue in the tracker for this? I'm not very familiar with babylon.js source but if you think it is trivial enough I might attempt a PR soon if you want, if you think sending in the time as an argument is a good idea that is.

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