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Turn based system game logic


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I am trying to create a bare-bones rpg battle system, I am trying to figure out a way to manage the turn system for each unit. I want it so that if the current turn of a unit, it will remain in that state until a target is selected and a button is pressed essentially. I thought about only rendering the buttons on screen when it is the players turn but i come up to the issue of how to detemrine whose turn it is and how to change that as needed.


I thought about using an array of booleans to determine the current unit to do its action or maybe an int whose number correspond to different units but i am having some issues visualizing it in my mind. Could I get some advice or material to read on this matter to help clear this up?


Thanks in advance.


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I usually find numbers useful for this kind of stuff. Like if a player clicks a button and a turn is taken then change from number 1 to number 2. So if number 2 is active then remove buttons and make the player wait. Afer the player has waited the turn the enemy takes the next turn and resets the number to 1 and the buttons etc are now available and ready to use again. This is how I approach this kind of stuff but there are other ways.

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thanks for the quick response guys, i got it implemented using a number like you guys said and reset to 0 to start a new turn so to speak. Ran into a different issue now, I want the user to select their target and i am trying to get the Phaser.sprite on click event to work but i am having some issues. Here is the code:

var e = this.G.add.sprite(200, 200, enemies[i].Sprite);                e.inputEnabled = true;                e.input.events.OnInputDown.add(this.StartAttack, this);         

the last line, events is not recognized as a property of sprite.input. I am not sure if this is an error in the typescript definitions or an issue with phaser itself as i dont see events in the docs for the Sprite class.



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