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Troubleshooting ShaderMaterial [Solved]


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So I'm trying to recreate this panoramic view generator from Three.js (https://github.com/spite/THREE.CubemapToEquirectangular/blob/master/src/CubemapToEquirectangular.js) that can generate a 360 view from the point.

With everything I've read up on, I've so far managed to recreate most parts here: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#8HXI0G

However applying the ShaderMaterial to my plane, it simply disappears (commenting `plane.material = myShaderMaterial` brings it back). There are *very* many reasons I can imagine to be the cause but I can't think of many ways to troubleshoot it. It uses the same vector and shader code as the Three.js one at least so I guess that shouldn't be the issue.

Does anyone have a clue on where I could go from here to reach the next step on my ShaderMaterial?

pano-CubemapToEquirectangular - Unmanaged-1496917388967.png

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If you don't mind, do you know how I achieve this in Babylon? (https://github.com/spite/THREE.CubemapToEquirectangular/blob/master/src/CubemapToEquirectangular.js)

this.quad.scale.set( this.width, this.height, 1 );

this.camera.left = this.width / - 2;
this.camera.right = this.width / 2;
this.camera.top = this.height / 2;
this.camera.bottom = this.height / - 2;

I thought setting: (http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#8HXI0G%231)

plane.scaling.x = canvas.width;
plane.scaling.y = canvas.height;

camera.orthoLeft = (canvas.width / - 2);
camera.orthoRight = (canvas.width / 2);
camera.orthoTop = (canvas.height / 2);
camera.orthoBottom = (canvas.height / - 2);

Would do it, but it doesn't seem to "zoom out". Is there perhaps some other nice way to make a plane cover the entire camera? Am considering to use Canvas2D but I doubt ShaderMaterial works well with it since it's a material and not texture.


Nevermind; apparently `camera.mode = BABYLON.Camera.ORTHOGRAPHIC_CAMERA;` is a thing!

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