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Babylon.js + glTF 2.0 Loader does not support skinning animation yet?


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I tried the glTF 2.0 sample with some glTF 2.0 Loader.


However, Babylon.js does not seem to be able to display the skinning animation model of glTF 2.0.

Below is the error contents displayed on the console when loading the RiggedSimple.gltf model.


Uncaught TypeError: getNextOutputValue is not a function
    at LINEAR (babylon.glTFFileLoader.js:2516)
    at loadAnimation (babylon.glTFFileLoader.js:2531)
    at loadAnimations (babylon.glTFFileLoader.js:2579)
    at postLoad (babylon.glTFFileLoader.js:3133)
    at babylon.glTFFileLoader.js:3466
    at babylon.glTFFileLoader.js:3516
    at checkSuccess (babylon.glTFFileLoader.js:3207)
    at babylon.glTFFileLoader.js:3216
    at Function.GLTFLoader.LoadCommonMaterialPropertiesAsync (babylon.glTFFileLoader.js:3284)
    at Function.GLTFLoader.LoadCoreMaterialAsync (babylon.glTFFileLoader.js:3214)

I think that the model of skinning animation of glTF 1.1 was able to be displayed, so it would be nice to be able to support glTF 2.0 display as well :)



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 @Deltakosh Thank you for supporting skinning animation!

I confirmed that it works except models of WalkingLady and BrainStem.

See : https://github.com/cx20/gltf-test/tree/2.0#more-complex-models

WalkingLady does not display even currectly with other glTF loaders, there is a possibility of a problem with the model (or converter).

Related : https://github.com/KhronosGroup/glTF-Sample-Models/issues/83

I think that BrainStem is WIP because "Not implemented" error is given.


Uncaught Error: Not implemented
    at GLTFLoader._updateBone (babylon.glTFFileLoader.js:2618)
    at babylon.glTFFileLoader.js:2609
    at GLTFLoader._traverseNode (babylon.glTFFileLoader.js:2861)
    at babylon.glTFFileLoader.js:2609
    at babylon.glTFFileLoader.js:3063
    at Observer.callback (babylon.glTFFileLoader.js:3016)
    at Observable.notifyObservers (babylon.max.js:5052)
    at babylon.glTFFileLoader.js:3021
    at XMLHttpRequest.request.onreadystatechange (babylon.max.js:5586)



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