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Difference in tint text/graphic


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Hello I have a little problem :)

I am tinting graphics and its work well, then I want to tint the bitmap text the same way so the graphics and text have the same color.

And there is a problem, because it gives various results.

bg1 = game.add.graphics(0,0);
bg1.drawRect(15, 15, 330, 550);
bg1.tint = 0xEBEBEB;

Score = game.add.bitmapText(0,0,'score','0', 120);
Score.tint = 0xEBEBEB;

// to this point, everything is correct, graphic and text have the same color

// now in function i am changing tint in bg1 and it works
bg1.tint =  Phaser.Color.interpolateColor(colorData1[index-1],colorData1[index],duration,currentStep);
// then I want the same for the text, but it gives different result
Score.tint = bg1.tint;

The font is white so as the graphics.

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