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Text2D does not refresh its text


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I have a Text2D in a Rectangle2D, I change the text every 200ms but it does not refresh on the screen. Although when looking at the text property it changes properly. The text refreshes only if I set its levelVisible property on and off at each tic. 

I do not have this problem in the playground so I am not sure what is going on. 

   state.tic = function () { 
      const text = newText() // this works 
        state.tooltipPause.text.text = text

        // setting the parent rectangle2d levelVisible 
        // is the only way i have found to refresh the view
        state.tooltipPause.box.levelVisible = true  
        // delay is simply a promise that will resolve in 200ms
        delay(200).then(() => {
          state.tooltipPause.box.levelVisible = false



Just sharing the little hack I found, in case someone else has the same problem

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