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Arc Rotate Camera Animation (Solved)


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I have a large model with various points of interest. I'd to use an arc rotate camera so that users can freely rotate around the model.

The other part involves users clicking on a certain model area, which will then animate the camera to a pre determined position and distance from the selected point of interest.

Can anyone give me a clue as to the best animation type to use float/vector 3 interpolarion etc and how I might go about this.

There will be three values which need to be "tweened" ie - alpha, beta and radius.

As always thanks in advance :) 

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Here is what you can do:

1. Find where you want to go (ie. targetPosition (vector3))

2. Save current alpha, beta and radius

3. Call camera.setPosition(targetPosition) and save alpha, beta and radius

4. Restore previous alpha, beta and radius

5.Create float animations for the three values

6. Enjoy

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Thanks very much Deltakosh. Would I need three separate animation to handle the float change for each value 

ie : one for alpha another for beta and another for radius etc?

And if so, would these automatically run at the same time, despite being 3 separate lines of code?

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