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OnPointerOverTrigger Triggers through other meshes


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I have a group of meshes that have OnPointerOverTrigger events. 

When I mouse over them the event triggers. 

However, when I mouse over them while they are behind another object that has no events, the OnPointerOverTrigger still triggers.

Is there a simple way to make OnPointerOverTrigger not trigger when the mesh is behind another mesh?

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Hello !

by default the scene uses this predicate to check meshes for triggers:

scene.pointerMovePredicate = function(mesh) {
return mesh.isPickable && mesh.isVisible && mesh.isReady() && mesh.isEnabled() && (this.constantlyUpdateMeshUnderPointer || (mesh.actionManager !== null && mesh.actionManager !== undefined);

Feel free to update it to remove the actionManager check: this way all meshes with isPickable will process the onPointerOver and you will get what you need ;)

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