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TypeScript PIXI Definition


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Hey everyone :D

Mat, loving the effort you have made on PIXI. As an AS3 developer, I have been waiting for a while to try it.  I have no interest in working with Javascript directly, and so I have been hoping to go the TypeScript route. 

I am currently trying to create the definitions.  Thanks for the great documentation :D

Lets take something simple like the Point class. 


declare module PIXIexport class AlphaMaskFilter{....blah}export class Point    {        //properties        x: number;        y: number;        //constructor        constructor(x: number, y: number);        //methods        clone(): Point;    }

But what is holding me back is these other things:

The PolyK modules and the PIXI.PixiShader class. 

I have no idea how to implement these into the definition. 

I am not sure what it means when a class has a prefix.  Why does PIXI.PIXI.PixiShader exist and not just PIXI.PixiShader like all other PIXI module classes? My knowledge in JS is limited.

EDIT:  PIXI.PolyK.Triangulate


So in Javascript, is the method name "PolyK.Triangulate()".


Also, for the PolyK modules, should I put these in a different definition starting:

declare module PolyKexport class InteractionData {.... blah

If you understand what I am talking about, please respond :D

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So I know that PIXI is the module. 

The PolyK... object? Class? Is part of the PIXI module? How do you write a definition for that? Can it be as simple as adding the function call to the existing PIXI module?


declare module PIXIexport class Point{....export class InteractionData	{		//properties	    	global: Point;	    	originalEvent: any;	    	target: Sprite;				//constructor	   	constructor();	   	//methods	        getLocalPosition(displayObject:DisplayObject):Point;	}


I get confused behind the scenes. 

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I want to get the PIXI definition out of my phaser definition file. 

Starting at line 74. 

If anyone can help me:

1) I still have no idea how events work. You can see that I extend EventTarget which is almost certainly wrong. 
2) I still cannot figure out the PIXI.polyK.InteractionData.  Like a module inside a namespace or what ever this is, but I have no idea how to define it. 

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