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Flicker when big spritesheets used.


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Lo guys,
I have been doing performance upgrades to my current game. 
I have combined the graphics into big spritesheets which has helped with frame rates and general performance, great.
Problem i now have is that the game some times flickers when updating the sprites.
I'm sure this is from setting the sprites to the big spritesheet and a slight lag between setting .frameName
Does anyone have any advice how to deal with this?

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You might want to consider offering more detailed information about both your implementation and the undesired behaviour you're experiencing.

What devices/browsers are you running on?

What are your Texture packing settings?

What do you mean by updating the sprites?

Maybe even a CodePen/JSFiddle demonstrating this?


I've never had any problems using PIXI.MovieClip with Texture Atlases.

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Thanks for the reply lloydevans :)

Unfortunately the assets are under licence and cannot be shared online at this time... 
It is actually a texture atlas so sorry for the confusion, i just call them sprite sheets out of habit i think.

So a better run down of what is happening..
I am making a series of slot games so there are 5 colums with 3 icons in each. When you initiate the spin you move the columns up to the top and then tween them down. When they reach the bottom you move them back up to the top and repeat. As you move from the bottom to top position you update the sprites so it appears a seamless loop. 

It looks to me like the 'blink' is the whole image being added to the stage and then updating to the right frameName, causing it to flicker very briefly...

The game is made for desktop and mobile and happens on both. All atlases are under 2mb and 2048x2048 or under.


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Hmm, interesting. Unfortunately I'm not very experienced with Phaser, I just know PixiJS quite well. Perhaps Phaser is unloading and loading textures? Maybe you just want to create all the textures from frames before hand and use references to those texture object instances.

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