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Accessing json files loaded via AssetLoader


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Hi guys,


I didn't look it up yet but I am curious if there is a way to access json data loaded via AssetLoader e.g.


I have a spritesheet and I am loading it via PIXI.


PIXI.AssetLoader(["spritesheet.json", ...]);


Is that json file somewhere stored within PIXI or could you guys add the AssetData as argument to the onComplete?


var loader = new PIXI.AssetLoader(['spritesheet1.json', 'spritesheet2.json']);

loader.onComplete = function(assets) {





Because sometimes I might want to know what was loaded. Imagine an Map Editor.

1. Create a Map

2. Pick a Tileset for that map.

3. Request Tileset via PIXI

4. Request Tileset via jquery

5. Display available Tiles in DOM


Or the other way around would work too (if you dont want to add an callback), but this approach would lack async loading because the json would have been loaded first before calling the assetloader.


1. Request tileset via jquery

2. Pass json to PIXI asset loader <- in that case pixi would have to check if one of the asset urls is an object, if so -> create textures. if its a string -> do the regular stuff.


Just curious.


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Another thing that came to my mind:


If I have a spritesheet for each character class / npc / mob / whatever, would it be possible to reuse the json file for that spritesheet but with different skins (image)?

That would reduce the amount of requests a lot.



-> "spritesheet1.png" -> Frames: spritesheet1_1.png, spritesheet1_2.png, spritesheet1_3.png
-> "spritesheet2.png" -> Frames: spritesheet2_1.png, spritesheet2_2.png, spritesheet2_3.png
Just for the case that you have a lot spritesheets that always follow the same pattern. 
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