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Issues with music on different mobile browsers


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I'm having issues with the in-game music or sounds.


On the desktop browsers (Chrome, Firefox) everything works well. 


On iOS devices (Safari) works well too. 


But on Android everything is pretty bad. 


Galaxy S3: music doesn't start, the sounds are too quiet (even though the device volume is maximum).

Galaxy S2 - similar problems.


Here's the code for playing the music and sounds.

this.load.audio('menuM', ['music/menu.mp3']);this.load.audio('clickS', ['music/click.mp3']);this.game.data.music = this.game.add.audio('menuM', 1, true);this.game.data.clickS = this.game.add.audio('clickS', 1, true);this.game.data.music.play('',0,1,true);...this.game.data.clickS.play();

What are the general good case practice of using the sounds in Phaser?

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