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camera fly to & occluded annotations


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Hi, I'm new to all this but I have exhausted my search results so I though I would reach out to the community.  I'm leaning toward babylon.js for a project but I am looking specifically for support for two distinct features. 

1. ability to have camera fly to another point in a scene
2. use occluded annotations

See example: http://xeogl.org/examples/#presentation_annotations_tronTank

Does babylon have any build in functionality to support this?  Is there a similar demo available in the playground?

Thanks in advance!

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Cool you got #2.  For #1 you can do animation and that's a pretty good way - just set start and end position and # frames with animation target as camera (animations have easing functions, which look nice, too).  You can also move yourself in one go by setting position or gradually by Lerp (http://doc.babylonjs.com/classes/3.0/vector3#static-lerp-start-end-amount-rarr-vector3-classes-3-0-vector3-)

runRenderLoop(() => {
     var lerp = BABYLON.Vector3.Lerp(startPosition, endPosition, fracDistance);
     camera.position = lerp

Adam put up a cool PG using SlerpToRef, but it's for rotation and you just want position, but at least you can play with the fraction and see how it affects movements:

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