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Material reuse for instance and non instance meshes


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I created material, based on Simple material (diffuse map, bump, specular map).

Worked fine till point I tried to reuse one material for instance and non instance meshes. 

Can it be done from technical side? I have mesh that I use to create instances and I have other mesh that just use same material, as soon I add material to non instance mesh my instance meshes disappear on camera movement. 

Similar as in this  tread but my material is not frozen.

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Hi @Hersir,

care to reproduce it on the playground? Would be great to see it live.

Apart from that - my suggestions regarding material use is - use cloning (instead of instancing) if you plan to reuse materials. But what you are describing sounds a bit odd, so I would be happy to first see it before saying this would be the right way to go.

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@RaananW I havent managed to reproduce exactly same issue in PG(so it could be error in my custom material), but I described scenario here.

In my game when I set same material to instances and cloned meshes only cloned meshes are visible, instances start to disappear randomly on camera move.

Trying to understand what could cause it, to know where to dig :D

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