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As I started to write some part of a general Phaser documentation and as I am not a Phaser expert, I get my information from this forum.

When someone asks about a very specific problem for his very own code, he often gets a very specific answer from an advanced developper or other kind of phaser guru.


I'm trying to extract general answers or concepts from these specific questions/answers to write up something more persistent.


So please always invite people to mark every topic as "answered" when a good and pertinent answered is made.

It will hep contributors to general documentation to explore the forum fatest and to find out the general answers.


Thank you to everyone

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You may be a bit late as the githun is now getting a community written wiki with all the syntax and usage which will in the end more than likely end quite a lot of posts here. The documentation is NOT like the docs though. Its about phaser uses and how to use it. You can check the sprites a lot more here:


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Very nice contribution !


Thank you a lot !


If someone masters the sprite.body usage (vs sprite.body = null) and can tell when using it, why using it (or not : better perfs if no collisions needed, disabled it if you manage your sprite with a third party physics lib like box2d), when setting sprite.x instead of sprite.body.x (and vice-versa), please write it in here.


Great job Heppell08.

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tusen tack!


Your english is far more better than mine, I like the way you adjusted my writing so far.

Thank for markdown styling also.


The text still lacks more conceptual concerns. ex : when is the game loop started, what is the global game state at this very moment, in what order are things managed in this game loop : group computation, physics computation, collision callback, rendering ? I don't even know !


All these informations could help a lot for understanding how coding stuff, how optimazing, etc.

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