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babylonjs brickProceduralTexture Color3 vs color string


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I have created labels that shows my objects on the top of the screen; however unfortunately the objects use brickProceduralTexture which take brick color as Babylon.Color3

 woodTexture.brickColor = new BABYLON.Color3(rColor / 255, gColor / 255, bColor / 255);

however I want to match that with the background color of my BABYLON.GUI.Rectangle; which takes the background as a Color; to avoid confusion I wanted to match the colors.

  var label = new BABYLON.GUI.Rectangle("label for scorecard");
  label.background = "black";

I am sure there is something simple I am missing -- I tried reading the documentation and also passing different colors but could not get it to work.


Please advise.

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There is a static method on Color3 for 0-255 numbers.  ie: Color3.FromInts(255, 255, 102)

To answer your question, for background you can use HEX representation.  ie: label.background = "#FFAF00"; for orange.  So, 255 to 'FF' is just Number(255).toString(16) in javascript (16 is the base).  Then just concatenate the 3 together `#${redHex}${greenHex}${blueHex}`, if you use string interpolation. Maybe there is something easier built-in to do that already, but I'm not aware of anything.

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