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Group as a Button


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I've just started using Phaser and I have a question about groups and buttons.


I have a button and a text that I've added to a group as I need to animate them. When I click the button the action performs on the button rather than the group even though I've set the callbackContext to be the group.


I tried adding the text to the button, but that just gave me a black screen.


What's the best approach on creating a clickable object made up of different display objects?

var duck;for (var x = 0; x < 8; x++) {        duck = game.add.group();        duck.x = 100+(130*x);        duck.y = 330;        var d = game.add.button(0,0, 'duck',onDuckPress,duck);	var t = game.add.text(60,55,"2");	duck.add(d);	duck.add(t);	ducks.push(duck);}
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