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Fill parent with scaled game

Mars Arkane

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Hello everybody.

I'd like my game to always fill the parent element, resizing it dynamically, while everything is, optionally, scaled by *2 (or other values). I currently accomplish this by setting the game size to the parent's size divided by 2, and then setting the user scale to 2.

window.addEventListener('resize', function()
	game.scale.setGameSize(parent.offsetWidth / 2, parent.offsetHeight / 2);

game.scale.scaleMode = Phaser.ScaleManager.USER_SCALE;
game.scale.setUserScale(2, 2);

This solution works fine (except for when the parent size is not dividable by 2), but I'm wondering if there's a better, built-in, solution. Scaling to the parent works great with RESIZE, but I couldn't find a way to also apply a scale to all elements. I know I could resize all individual elements, and I think I read something about scaling groups, but aside from my above solution feeling slightly better, I would prefer to let Phaser handle the scaling, especially since I'd prefer not to bother with calculating the actual world position for mouse input.

In short: Is there a way to apply a general, fixed scale to the entire game while filling the parent with it?



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