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Hi.I have a little problem with the VRDeviceOrientationArcRotateCamera and GUI. :lol:

Here is the situation: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#X1WNDK#3. Please click the check button to change camera. Now comes the problems :D

1. Gui seems to respond only on left camera, and I don't know why, but here seems to be the checkbox button:(

Please let me know why this is happening. Thank you.

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I think only one camera is used for pointer events.

This switches it so that only the right camera is working.  I don't think pointer events are really a VR thing.... check out davrous demo with gaze and VR Helper.

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The problem here is that the event listener of the GUI is not being resized (and multiplied) across both cameras. It is (probably) using the parent camera to position the elements and set the pointer listeners.

While this is a bug (technically it should not happen), @brianzinn is totally right - you cannot use pointer events with VR devices. This "thumb" pressing from the cardboard is the least practical way to interact with the scene. And again, as already said, check gaze - which is the standard way to go.

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