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Looking for 2d artist for simple edutainment game


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I am looking for a 2d game artist for edutainment game. I have completed the development with sprites I created and that I found around the web. Issue is game doesn't have one coherent look.
I need someone to make it look better so players don't think it's drawn by a 10 year old. : )

There is no revenue stream right now and I am doing it on my spare time so I can only provide game art credits for now. Once the game is published, you can link it and show it on your portfolio.  

Now about the work,

1 ) It has one alien (monster) sprite with left, right walking and parachuting (dropping) from sky animation
2 ) Low detailed background skyline of a city.
3 ) Sky, Sun, Cloud and river

4 ) Alien flag, flag post and waving flag animation
5 ) smoke puff animation when laser bullet hits the alien
6 ) laser bullet

I believe it shouldn't take more than a day or two. You can also include any of the sprite I have used if you think they don't look out of place with your style.

PM me if you are interested with link to any of your work and I'll send you the link where the game is currently hosted.
There is a possibility of paid work in near future if things work out as I have planned.

If you have made it this far thanks for reading!






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