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Overlap with Polygon


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Hi guys,

I just recently started to Phaser for my very first game project, I'm trying to achieve a simple top view runner. What I'm doing?

  • Moving a tile background with a couple of patterns. I reuse all the sprites everytime anyone disappear from the stage.
  • I have a hero.
  • I have a couple of enemies. I'm also reusing the enemies for better performance.

I'm able to detect the overlap between the enemies and the hero and then properly end the game. But the overlapping is not really perfect, because it takes the complete rectangle bounds (I'm using the arcade physics). Then I switched to p2 and loaded the polygons, but everytime I add a sprite it's keeps moving. I want to control all the sprites and detect the overlapping. I'm using Phaser 2.9.

What I need to do?


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