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Best options: Bitmap masks?


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Hey guys!


So... I have a image (a render of a 3D object) and I also have some mask images from the 3D renderer - these are black and white images that silhouette part os the render (a specific object, for instance). I can turn those into alpha channel masks if that helps.


What I need to do is show the render, then handle two cases...

  • When a user clicks on the image, determine what part of it he clicked on by using the masks (the masks do not overlap).
  • Have the option to overlay graphics on an object, again by clipping it with the mask.

Pixi seems to have masks - but of course those are vector masks. I could see about getting a tool to trace my bitmaps to a vector mask (svg maybe) but that seems fraught with potential errors and single pixel problems etc as all tracing can have.


My other option is to render each part of the image out separately to a PNG - and then composite each of those to build up the image - maybe treating each as a sprite. Would that be a better choice?



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