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How to handle groups and sprites in tiled games


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I'm making a small puzzle game, and I'm juste wondering if there is a nice "Phaser" way of doing this stuff, or if there's a commonly used standard. Basically I want to move the player and some enemies around on a grid, and I want to specify x and y values depending on which grid point they are in (having it all laid out in a nice matrix will make writing gamerules easier). However I want the sprite.x and sprite.y values to be 32 * x if the grid position is x and each sprite is 32 pixels - what's the best way to implement this? Updating both the grid x and sprite x every time I move (which will not really be a nice way to do it), or looping through each object in update() to update the sprite.x values? Or some other Phaser specific solution?


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