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Do you have any tool to set collider/trigger box?


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Hi folk,

I have a question about collision box on Phaser. I just step in to the Phaser world. :)

I need to set multiple collision boxes on each sprite.

Think about Street Fighter. When you push Strong Kick button, first frame of animation doesn't have kick collision trigger box which trigger damage process. However the frame has collision box, so 2 players can't be at the same position.  Also the position and size of frames of kick collision trigger box between 10'th frame and 20'th frame are different. 

in my general idea, I need to set the multiple collision box on sprite editor or animation editor. If I don't use it, I need to set the meta data frame by frame such a opening the hell gate. 

Do you know any tool that supports above requirments and Phaser?

Thank you in advance.

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