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Why did the Texture Objects Variables change?


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It looks like with the never version release, texture objects variables have changed.  What was the reasoning for this?  Is there a quick fix I could do, like
BABYLON.Texture._width = BABYLON.Texture.width? or something like that on my older files just to make a quick fix or do I need to track down all the script where I call the old variable names and update it?

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Hi @Pryme8

Not sure what's changed but you can probably do something like this; 

Object.defineProperty(BABYLON.Texture.prototype, 'oldName', {
	get: function() { 
		return this.newName;
	set : function(value) {
		this.newName = value;
	enumerable: true,
	configurable: true

that is what i do in my player controller anyways, so changes applied to player.position is applied to player._model.position

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"var example = new BABYLON.DynamicTexture('texture0', {width:1, height:1}, scene, false, 1);"

example._texture._width is now example._texture.width

same for height and for some other vars I would assume.

I am working off the assumption that the _texture object in the dynamictexture is a BABYLON.Texture object but I may be mistaken.

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Ok this is what changed:

        public createDynamicTexture(width: number, height: number, generateMipMaps: boolean, samplingMode: number): InternalTexture {
            var texture = new InternalTexture(this, InternalTexture.DATASOURCE_DYNAMIC)
            texture.baseWidth = width;
            texture.baseHeight = height;

            if (generateMipMaps) {
                width = this.needPOTTextures ? Tools.GetExponentOfTwo(width, this._caps.maxTextureSize) : width;
                height = this.needPOTTextures ? Tools.GetExponentOfTwo(height, this._caps.maxTextureSize) : height;

            texture.width = width;
            texture.height = height;
            texture.isReady = false;
            texture.generateMipMaps = generateMipMaps;
            texture.samplingMode = samplingMode;

            this.updateTextureSamplingMode(samplingMode, texture);


            return texture;

Not a big deal, but figured Id point it out.

I thought it was a texture object, but it looks like its just its own thing.

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