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Post processes render quality & performance

Pierre Glibert

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Hi everyone :)

I read this about gltf : https://pissang.github.io/qtek-model-viewer/ and test it with "Adam head " : https://sketchfab.com/features/gltf

The render system is the same than Sketchfab for post processes.

It's really cool because when there is no animations, the engine calculate step by step a better render quality.

Post processes like ambiant occlusion look really great and not drop fps.

This allow us to run scene with 60fps with animation and to return a beautiful image when all meshes are fixe.

All post processes and shadows seem to be calculate with a rough noise at the beginning and with more precision at the end. ( It's look like a trick to get more performance ...)


So, I open this post to discuss about that and to see if it will be a great idea to add it in Babylon ;)

What do you think ?

Have a nice day !


PS : I ask this because I'm working on this : 



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Hello! Keep in mind that Sketchfab is designed to be a great viewer. Babylon.js is designed to serve multiple purposes (including gaming and obviously viewing objects as well)

With that being said, we can also offer similar experience:

- You can decide to turn off renderLoop when the image is static

- You can also decide to enable high quality rendering with engine.setHardwareScalingLevel(0.5) before turning the render loop off

- Same thing with postprocess: you can add SSAO and then turn the render loop off

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