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Alphabet Training Game for 3-4 year olds


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Hi guys,

I have an idea of a simple game that would fit great your collection of demo applications.  I think it requires a very basic set of knowledge and it would benefit kids.

I have a 4 year old daughter and I'd love to give her an app to learn alphabet.  Having a kid exposes to the speed they learn with and their attention span.  They would switch in 45 seconds. I am not sure if true alphabet learning can be made fun.  At the end of the day a basic learning through repetition while tracing letter is one of the best.

My daughter has an iPad, but I think it would work with other tablets.  It has to work in full screen or it she will click outside of work area or will keep asking about it.

It is hard to pick the size of the letter.  My 3 year old would tend to use a full screen size for one letter.  The 4 year old can fit 3 rows of letters on horizontal iPad if she draws with a pencil equivalent.

The training app starts with the page where parent enters letter or a word and chooses the size.  One way would be to size to fit N rows on the screen.  Visual sizing.  Then parent clicks on "Start" and we are on the practice screen, which is maximized to remove distractions and accidents of going of the screen. 

Trap 1: An unchecked option to provide eraser tool for the practice screen.  I personally do not think eraser is always welcome as kid might enter into a perfection loop that ends in frustration.  I'd rather the kid to finish his task in attention span time frame, until next time.  I think it is a mistake to do that.

Trap 2: Erase all button on practice screen.  Hmm... Might be too risky as well.

The letter is drawn in the top left corner.  Then an outline of the letter is drawn on the top row.  Dashed line of the letter on the 2nd raw (single dashed line as opposed to border outline).  And the bottom raw is left empty.  It would be nice to provide some visualization in which order to draw the letter, but that can be done by the parent as well.

And that is it.  Parent would need to go back to enter another letter or word.

If I was to do this, I'd have very little free time and learning curve from zero.  Someone who knows what he or she is doing could probably do that in less than 4 hours.  It does not need to be fancy.


Thank you.  I would appreciate it.

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