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Audio Test


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So, I made a small app to test audio playback on devices.

http://www.razorsharpfang.com/html5 - You can play it here.

So far, it's working well on Chrome and Firefox mobile, with success also on Dolphin, and Safari, for iphone 5 and ipad, but this is a small selection. (Also, NONE of those devices were mine, IRC is awesome)


That said, safari and dolphin haven't quite been happy with the app itself, other than audio. Apparently, safari occasionally turns the  background blue. (Wat?) 

and http://i.imgur.com/m5IyEIA.png


While dolphin interprets tapping twice to mean zooming in, which I have no idea how to prevent, or if I should.


My only mobile device doesn't meet the specifications needed to run either chrome, firefox, or dolphin, and it's not an idevice, so it can't run safari. : / 


If you could provide any insight, feedback or confirmation of these issues, or anything about the sound, that would be much appreciated. : D

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