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GearVR controller 3d model... still in progress!


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Well, this has turned into an ongoing side project :)  I added some very basic support for GearVR to babylonJS a few weeks back (http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/35003-basic-gearvr-controller-support-and-wifi-debugging/).  My next goal was to create a 3d model and to add that model to the BabylonJS GearVR controller.  Then I would fix the controller position to the hand (webVR specifies left/right) and try to improve that VR experience.  Yay - sounds super easy.

Knowing absolutely ZERO about how to get a physical object into a 3d model, I asked a friend who has some gadgets if I could use his scanner.  Apparently it's a good scanner for bigger objects like cars - we set the software to 1mm accuracy.  He said black and shiney objects didn't scan well, so I made a mixture of Isopropyl Alcohol and baby powder that I sprayed on the Gear VR.  What can I say it was a learning experience and I ended up with a controller that smells like a baby....  don't try everything you read on the internet, but I think that would work well on big objects that you don't need to touch afterwards.  They had a special spray they used there too for scanning metal.

Anyway, here is the Gear VR 3d model scan output in a PG.  I scanned top + bottom separately, so I just merged them approximately into a .obj file.  I thought I could wing it in Blender with ratios/dimensions, but my skills are just not there (mostly for the trigger) and I will look for a different/better way!

So, unfortunately the results were, for me, mostly underwhelming, if you look at the PG.  It was, however, a pretty fun thing to try out a scanner and see the results, so at least it was a success in those terms.  I think fun factor really has to be considered :)  First thing we had to do was calibrate the scanner by scanning a special plate.  It was like a strobe-light disco!


Next up, here is a scan in progress (this is the Daydream controller not GearVR).  Those little circle stickers on the controller are used by the scanner and software as markers (like AR markers) for aligning/adding mesh vertices.  The blocky squares are light from the scanner itself.  The clear playing cards cases worked really well as a platform and did not show up in the scan.


So, that was a fun learning experience and probably a way NOT to do it!  There is another machine that I have access to that will build 3D models to within 1/10mm, so human hair accuracy.  Here is a photo of that machine:


That machine above will generate planes of thousands of data points with high accuracy.  There is another machine downstairs from here that is 10x more accurate, but I don't imagine I will need that kind of accuracy as we need something low poly - if you're using a Gear VR you wouldn't even notice.  The only thing is with the file generated from that image it would still take time and working through a program.  The engineers there said it would take them a couple of hours, so I imagine it would take me way longer.

So, my goal is still the same - create a CCO attribution 3d model that we can use in BabylonJS for Gear VR.


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:huh:If the licenses are compatible to copy in that way then it makes sense to at least have that as a starting point!  The model of the A-Frame controller actually does not look 100% like the real controller (ie: the real trigger is quite different, missing grooves for buttons and different shape or trackpad) - perhaps to make super low poly.  I do realize that much accuracy does not matter so much for usability.   Do you think that is just to be super low poly?  Anyway, even if that model is usable I will still try to build something more realistic for fun, but that would be a great starting point.

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