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Rotation mesh

Andrey Zimin

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Friends! It's a simple mathematical problem. And it can be solved. That is the question. How is it possible to implement built-in methods of Babylon

So. There is an object. In the figure it is denoted P(xp, yp).
There is a point where the object should move. M(xm, ym)

The question of how to organize the rotation of the object so that its positive X-axis was directed in the direction M when the object moves.

I mathematically to calculate the angle? 


Or is there a method to which you can put the coordinates of the point and he will apply and I will turn my object in the desired direction?

WARNING: Rotate only around the axis Y (2D rotate)


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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dot_product (I think it's the cosine of that).  The formula in the Math class:

I think it returns the cosine of the angle between the 2.  Only rotating on the Y, then make the second vector have the same Y?  If you make a PG I think we can figure it out. 

Here's my favourite lookAt PG (I think it's from Adam):

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