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GUI Text Improvements


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I am making this post to discuss possible improvements to the GUI text system.

Right now, when generating new text, it can be very slow if you have a lot of it in the screen. One clear improvement would be to pre-generate (or cache) each letter as an object and just generate instances of that object, which turns out to be very very very fast. However, that is not very easy to do as letter spacing can be a hard thing to manage when positioning each letter next to each other.

Is there any easy way this could be improved in the babylonjs side to increase GUI text creation speed? Or is there any other solutions for this problem?

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Not sure this could work as you will trade text writing for image copy + text wrapping and so on

How do you measure that text generation is slow? Do you have a repro case?


If you let the text unchanged it should not be regenerated 

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It's pretty simple to repro. What I mean is that I am trying to generate 100+ dynamic texts with a few different fonts and depending on the amount, it can take up to 30+ seconds. Even if I offset the generation of each by a few milliseconds, it still drops the fps quite a bit. The dynamic resolution is 256x256 btw.

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