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New Quirks Errors 'Chrome'


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This is totally new error for me because a day ago i didnt have this error and ive changed nothing in my code.

Now I have group collisions errors, quirks mode warnings and i've no idea since the code hasnt been modified?

Anyone else had this happen?

For the record my groups and collisions code in update goes as follows:

    this.physics.collide(player, platforms);    this.physics.collide(enemies, platforms);    this.physics.overlap(ammogroup, enemies, enemyShot, null, this)
function enemyShot(enemies, bullet)    {        var i;        for(i = 0; i < enemies.length; i++)        {            enemies.getAt(i).damage(5000); // testing damages        }                bullet.kill();            }

So commenting out my enemies and platforms seems to fix the issue but the new problem is why? That code has been the same throughout and never needed modified. Seriously puzzled lol


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