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is 2 Reflection Textures possible


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I'm wanting to use a standard material, but look at implementing 2 reflection textures.

I want to be able to use one texture with PROJECTION_MODE to simulate projecting a texture onto the object, aswell as a seperate texture using SPHERICAL_MODE to simulate the reflective surface.


Does anyone know if this can be acheived?
Or am i missing something somewhere else that would enable me to do the same thing?

I assume i'd need to extend the standard material

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Hello, good assumption :)

Why do you need to project a texture? Can decals replace this feature?

Also why not cloning the mesh, apply reflection on one mesh and projection on the other (and make sure that the second is only rendering where the projected texture is)

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I'm looking to convert a project that i originally built using away3d on flash, which uses a "projectivetexturemethod" to project textures on models that have no UV Maps, the models and designs can be rather complex and as a result, the decal geometry could quickly become substantial. once placed, there is also a need to fine tune the placement of the texture, using decals would mean constantly rebuilding the geometry to allow this, the projection doesn't.

Ideally i'd need to merge the projection & the reflection with some kind of blend operation, just because it has a projection doesn't mean it shouldn't still be shiny :)
away3d offered 3 different blend options, Multiply, Add or Mix.

"The blend mode with which the texture is blended unto the object. ProjectiveTextureMethod.MULTIPLY can be used to project shadows. To prevent clamping, the texture's alpha should be white! ProjectiveTextureMethod.ADD can be used to project light, such as a slide projector or light coming through stained glass. To prevent clamping, the texture's alpha should be black! ProjectiveTextureMethod.MIX provides normal alpha blending. To prevent clamping, the texture's alpha should be transparent!"

In away3d i was primarily using the Multiply blend mode so attempting to achieve a similar result.

I guess the projectionTexture feature on the Spotlight that was not long ago added is doing this in a way, just with the Additive blend mode




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